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FAQs for Visitors

Where will St. Louis VegFest be located, and how do I get there?

The festival will be held at the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park. These links will help you find this landmark location.


Overall Map of the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park

Overall Map of Transportation and Parking for St. Louis VegFest

(Note: The Forest Park Trolley does not operate in fall and winter, so we will not be able to use this as transportation to the Pavilion.)


What are the hours of operation?

​​Festival hours are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Is there a program available, showing the schedule, speakers, vendors, and so forth?

Yes, we will have an online program where you can see all of this information in one convenient place.


Is there a map of the festival grounds, so I can see where everything is?

Yes, we have a complete map of the event layout, including vendor booths, Information booth, restrooms, and more.

Will there be accessible parking for those with a special permit?

Yes, those with a qualified permit will be allowed to park on Concourse Drive just next to the festival grounds and pavilion. Drivers should come to the roundabout and speak to a volunteer who will let them in to find a close parking spot.


Will you have recycling and composting at the event?

Unfortunately, we could not find a recycling vendor for this year's event, but we will have trash cans sprinkled throughout the festival location and most of our vendors use compostable and green packaging, utensils, and paper products. Volunteers will be helping to empty trash bins regularly and clear off tables. Unfortunately, compost disposal is cost-prohibitive at this time. We hope to be able to add this feature to St. Louis VegFest in the next couple of years.


Will there be ATMs at the event?

Due to the complexities of securing this type of amenity, we will not have ATMs. We hope to provide them at a future festival. However, many vendors will be accepting credit cards, in addition to cash. We recommend to bring cash just in case your favorite vendor doesn't have a way to accept cards OR is experiencing technical difficulties.


Can I bring my dog?

You can, but be sure to bring water and waste bags. (We will have some water bowls and bags available, should anyone forget to bring their own, but we strongly encourage individual responsibility.) The only real exception is pets are not allowed in food booths. Health regulations prohibit animals (other than certified service animals) from areas around food preparation. If you do choose to bring your dog, be sure to pick up any waste, and never leave him or her in the car.


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