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Vendor Unloading and Loading Procedures


Unloading and set-up begin at 7:30 am. Please do not arrive earlier than 7:00 am.

Check-In and Unloading


You will come to a checkpoint at the roundabout at Concourse and Washington. (See map.) An organizer will greet you, hand you a map of the event layout, and direct you to drive up to the Pavilion roundabout. You will be instructed where to unload your belongings, depending on your booth location. You will also be told where to park after unloading.

When you stop for unloading, please do not begin booth set-up until you have parked in your permanent parking spot. We need to keep traffic moving, so you will only have a few minutes to unload before you need to move along and find a parking spot. Volunteers will be available to watch any items while you park. After parking, you can set-up your booth. If you need help unloading and carrying supplies to your booth, we can provide volunteer assistance.


If you are a food vendor, be sure you have already been to the Health Department for your Temporary Event Food Permit. Bring this permit with you. Be sure to visit this page and read all info on Temporary Food Permits. Every vendor is responsible for their own requirements. The Health Inspector will come around to check booths before you start selling food.

The festival opens at 10:00 am and goes until 5:00 pm. Unless you run out of food/merchandise, we ask that vendors remain until 5:00 pm.  If you do run out of food or merchandise and need to leave, please let an Organizer (yellow shirts) know, and we will help you quickly pack up.

Loading and Leaving


After you have broken down your booth, carry your belongings to your car if it is parked nearby. If you were instructed to park farther away, go to your car and drive up to the Pavilion roundabout. We will have volunteers to assist anyone who needs help loading. If you are alone in your booth and need someone to watch your things while you get your car, we can do this, as well. Just let an Organizer know.

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