START -- St. Louis Animal Rights Team

As the host and first sponsor, the St. Louis Animal Rights Team considers the annual St. Louis VegFest event to be one of the most successful and visible events for sharing our mission and love for animals to the region.

The organizers of St. Louis VegFest are START members, and are pleased to be working with compassionate and like-minded local organizations and businesses to promote plant-based living and alternatives to animal products. 

START is a not-for-profit educational/activist group, formed in 1985, and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in 1988. Our goals are to:

► Educate society about the rights of all species to live freely and die naturally

► Expose the harm and suffering caused by the denial of animals’ natural rights

► Promote the adoption of lifestyles compatible with the animal rights philosophy

► Promote the reform of social institutions to be compatible with animal rights

Thank you for joining START organizers and members in bringing St. Louis VegFest back for our 3rd year!

ICL Food Specialties

We are excited to announce our first BLOOM LEVEL SPONSOR to St. Louis VegFest!

ICL Food Specialties is a global leader in providing high-quality functional ingredient systems that deliver exceptional texture and stability to food and beverage products. ICL’s award-winning ROVITARIS® lines use vegetable-based proteins to create products that are virtually indistinguishable from traditional meat. These highly versatile solutions provide a wide variety of texture, color and taste applications that can be vegetarian, vegan or allergy free. This product can be used by food manufacturers looking to create meat alternative products or even local restaurants wanting to substitute tofu ingredients with an allergen-free option.

ICL will be present at VegFest showcasing and offering samples of their plant-based ingredients!


ADDITIONALLY, they will be hosting a cooking challenge using their ingredients, with a cash prize for the winner

If you are a local chef and would like to participate in the challenge the day of VegFest, email us at info@stlouisvegfest.org

Thank you ICL for your generous sponsorship. Welcome to St. Louis VegFest!!


Local Harvest

Local Harvest Grocery has been serving the Tower Grove South neighborhood in St. Louis since 2007. Their mission is to build a local food community by supplying locally grown and produced foods from the St. Louis region, 7 days a week. They offer fresh fruit and veggies daily and many vegan food products that cannot be found at a conventional grocery store. They are also very environmentally driven as they include bulk foods and plant-based cruelty-free house hold products in bulk to reduce plastic use. Check out their array of vegan products next time you are in the Tower Grove area! Thank you Local Harvest for your sponsorship, we appreciate you!


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please complete this application here.