*Only Vegan (plant-based) food and products are welcome at St. Louis VegFest*


All products, regardless of being provided as samples, sold, or distributed, are to be Vegan:

·         No Animal Flesh (including poultry, fish, seafood, broth made from animal flesh/fat)

·         No Dairy (milk, cheese, butter, whey, casein)

·         No Eggs

·         No Animal fats or derivatives (lanolin, gelatin, lard, honey, beeswax, other insect derivatives)

All nutritional supplements, cleaning supplies, and cosmetics should not have animal products/by-products in them. (Prohibited products could contain: leather, fur, silk, lanolin, gelatin [which includes capsules], or other animal derivatives.)  All non-food items should not be tested on animals. Vendor agrees that no books or literature will promote the use of any animal foods or products or any form of animal exploitation. Any promotional menus, leaflets, or ads distributed at your space should not encourage animal product use.


If you fail to follow these guidelines, you will be asked to leave and St. Louis VegFest will not accept your registration for future events.