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*Only Vegan (plant-based) food and products are welcome at St. Louis VegFest*

All products, regardless of being provided as samples, sold, or distributed, are to be Vegan:

  • No Animal Flesh (including poultry, fish, seafood, broth made from animal flesh/fat)

  • No Dairy (milk, cheese, butter, whey, casein)

  • No Eggs

  • No Animal fats or derivatives (lanolin, gelatin, lard, honey, beeswax, other insect derivatives such as shellac, a product in confectioners' glaze)

All nutritional supplements, cleaning supplies, and cosmetics should not have animal products/by-products in them. (Prohibited products could contain: leather, fur, silk, lanolin, gelatin [which includes capsules], or other animal derivatives.)  All non-food items should not be tested on animals. Vendor agrees that no books, literature, banners, or signage will promote the use of any animal foods or products or any form of animal exploitation.

  • NO Multi-Level Marketing businesses will be accepted.

  • St. Louis Animal Rights Team (START) is the host of St. Louis VegFest. All correspondence is collected in the START donor software. We try to keep VegFest emails separate from general START emails, however occasionally a VegFest vendor might get a START email. If you unsubscribe from this, then you unsubscribe from VegFest emails as well. We continue to try to keep up with these. But we can no longer re-subscribe you if you unsubscribe from St. Louis Animal Rights Team emails. By agreeing to the terms of your registration, you agree to accept emails from St. Louis Animal Rights Team if they are mistakenly sent to you.

  • Ingredient lists of all food and products are required in some form, to be shared conveniently with customers and/or organizers.


  • Due to past concerns of animal products being sold, VegFest organizers may visit and inspect your products.

Application to be considered as a vendor for St. Louis VegFest will be linked here when available late March

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