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St. Louis VegFest Committee |  PO Box 440161  |  St. Louis, MO 63144  |  314-833-9946

Vendor App


We invite you to become a vendor at St. Louis VegFest!  As a vendor, you are provided a space to showcase your business. Each vendor will receive a 10 x 10’ space, 1 table, and 2 chairs. (You are responsible for your own tent and weights. No stakes are allowed on festival grounds.)

If you want to connect with thousands of veg-conscious individuals, please consider joining us as a vendor at St. Louis VegFest 2019!

The deadline for early registration is April 1, 2020.


Note: We will not be accepting applications from MLMs (multi-level marketing companies).

Please see other vending restrictions.


Selling merchandise or food: $200


Any company or organization without non-profit status selling merchandise or food


Application Form

Non-profit / Information only: $100


Any non-profit organization, even if selling merchandise or food

Any company or organization distributing information only - no sales



Application Form

Vending Restrictions


Only vegan and cruelty-free food and products are welcome at St. Louis Vegfest


All food products, whether sold, sampled, or otherwise distributed, are to be Vegan –

• No Animal Flesh (including poultry, fish, sea life, broth made from animal flesh / fat)

• No Dairy (milk, cheese, butter, whey, casein)

• No Eggs

• No Animal Fats or Derivatives (lanolin, lard, gelatin, honey, beeswax, other insect derivatives)


All nutritional supplements, cleaning supplies, and cosmetics must be free from animal products and by-products. (Prohibited products would contain: leather, fur, silk, lanolin, gelatin [which includes capsules], or any other animal derivatives.) All products must be cruelty-free (that is, not tested on animals). We also ask that vendors refrain from displaying menus, literature, or signs advertising non-vegan items they may sell elsewhere. Vendors agree that no books or literature will promote the use of any animal foods or products or any form of animal exploitation.